BREATH 135.9 Freewheel for Bike Trial

  • $95.00 USD

- New high quality freewheel designed by French Biketrial brand Bonz.
- Now, it features 135 engagement points, so it’s a considerable improvement in respect to current freewheel with 72, 108 or 120 engagement points.
- This is achieved by using 9 high-strength, heat treated steel pawls, offset into 3 groups of 45 engagement points each, providing 135 engagement points per revolution.
- The traditional 4-removal pockets have been replaced by a multi-pocket pattern, as in most bottom brackets, so it can be removed with a common ISIS BB tool.
- Standard 1.37”x24tpi thread, so it’s suitable for most threaded hubs and cranks.
- Oversized springs increase reliability and durability.
- Rubber seals on each side of the freewheel keep all the mud and dirt out of the inner mechanism.
- Available in 18t only.
- Anodized Red finish, with white laser etched BREATH graphics 

- 18 teeth, 3/32’’
- 9 pawls
- 135 engagement points

- 176g 
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