[ FREE shipping ] HASHTAGG H2O Brake Lever for Bike Trials

  • $90.00 USD

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- Top quality CNC-machining throughout the lever gives durability, strength and stiffness.
- Twin ridges along the top and bottom of the body reinforce the lever body.
- Flip-flop lever design means the lever can be run left or right handed (has logos both sides).
- Unique design lever blade is equivalent to a 4-finger HS33 lever, giving the associated increase in power.
- The lever blade features a wider than usual profile along the majority of the blade to improve stiffness, but tapers to a comfortable, ergonomic shape at the tip.
- Unlike other levers, the bar clamp bolts enter from the lever body and thread in to the bar clamp itself. This reduces the overall size of the bar clamp, giving additional knee clearance!
- The 14mm diameter piston, TPA and TPA bushings are all CNC-machined from aluminium to make them as long-lasting as possible, and to avoid the issues associated with running water with traditional nylon pistons.
- Compatible with all years of Magura and Echo slave cylinders.
- Rather than having the bleed port and main hose port aligned side-by-side, the #Hashtagg lever uses a different configuration to allow for a narrower body, helping to save weight overall. M8 x 0.75 aluminium shroud nut, olives and steel grub screw are supplied with the lever.
- Please note: #Hashtagg have tested this lever with distilled water, but we recommend the use of specific fluids such as Trialtech Rim Brake Fluid or mineral oil to give good seal durability.
- When bleeding the lever, it's necessary to use a 'long' barbed fitting for the bleed hose (eg. standard Magura, Racing Line, etc) as the shorter type (Trialtech and Magura ones supplied in bleed kits) are too short.
- Weight: 86.5g

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