Rider-Kushagra Rastogi

Hey! I am Kushagra Rastogi, 17 years.
I started freestyling Riding when I was 13 years old and I got my interest into Street Trials after watching Danny Macaskill 2009 April video, slowly became aware Ali C & Fabio Wibmer,etc.
I am really inspired by these riders and I wish to promote Street Trials in my developing country.I am also inspired from BMX riders like Kriss Kyle, Terry Adams & Aaron Ross.
I am also the one who started Street Trials on 26" bike in my country but it had poor geometry and structure which is totally not suitable for Trials.
I never got support from my Family and from any other source. But somehow in my recent times after long sufferings I managed to get my First 24" Echo Czar at the edge of 2016.
I really love to ride my bike and gives my full effort in practice for new tricks while keeping things Real & Creative.
Apart from riding as a student I like to watch other riders nailing Tricks videos And like to be connected with my friends,Also listens Pop,Rock,EDM music.
In the upcoming years I see myslef as a Pro Street Trials rider with many Sponsorships and Support.
Thanks a lot for ''JUMPbikes.CN''s support . 
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