About Us

JUMPbikes is one of the most comprehensive online shop. Founded by Bruce, a trials enthusiast, who has been riding trials for over 10 years. Co-founded by Eric, you will find Eric updating price and shipping as well study new parts.

We carry a large sum of trials  bike parts including KOXX, TRY-ALL, HASHTAGG, ROCKMAN, NEON, ECHO, BREATH, ORB, RIBO, DOOM , MAGURA, MONTY,  CLEAN, JITSIE, TNN, ZHI, HOPE, ONZA, MONTY, GU etc...

JUMPbikes offers bike trials products at good price, considerate service and great quality. 


  • Name: Eric 
  • Mail: JUMPbikesCN@gmail.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/JUMPbikesCN
  • Telphone: +1 772-800-4636
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