Rider-Matías Alegría Coloma



Hello, I′m Matías Alegría, I'm from Chile. I started trials 9 years ago because I saw a trials show on tv, after I found some riders near my home and I started with this sport, year by year that is sport its more part of my life, to me its my place and my way to make real my dreams.

Here in Chile trials is very small and unknown sport, and in my road I try to do things for show and make this sport bigger, I'm also studying Sport science just for helping trials in Chile.

When I start in 2007 was my first competition, in 2008 I had the opportunity of meet Vincent Hermance and Dani Comas in a show here in Santiago de Chile, was a really good experience, the next year the rider who came was Benito Ros, and I learn much about him and I said to him “I hope to see you in Europe for competitions some day” that’s was my dream…

To me the opportunity that Jump Bikes gives to me its perfect, because here in Chile and Latin America no exist many shops or dealer with trials parts, so its incredible how the passion for our sport cross any limit that you can imagine… China and Chile it’s far away but, there’s some people with the same motivation than us and trials let us work together and find the way for promotion of Trials! That’s our target!
So, thanks to JUMPbikes.CN and the chance that they give me, I’m happy riding with your support!

Advice for other riders that are reading this: Never give up, challenge yourself, and never stop of try !

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