The Story of Inspired Street Trial Bicycle

The Inspired story began with an idea to introduce a unique 24" wheel street frame which would bridge the gap between hardcore street mountain bike and traditional trials riding.  Painstakingly designed by enthusiastic and experienced company founder Dave Cleaver, the prototype frame that emerged from months of hard work required a suitably tough pilot to test it to the limit and prove the concept was viable.

 Enter Danny MacAskill. 

A chance encounter with the talented Scottish rider whilst on a riding trip would ultimately change the future of modern street and trials riding.  As a progressive and dedicated rider, Danny was the perfect man for this new style of frame and development advanced quickly.  After some relatively minor alterations and positive feedback from Danny, it was clear the frame was ready.

Inspired Bicycles was established in 2007 and the Fourplay frame became it's first product.  Named with a reference to it’s 24" wheels and playful character, the Fourplay frame has become the standard against which all other 'street trials' frames are judged.  At the time of it's release, the range of components available to fit this new breed of bike were relatively limited.  In order to provide riders with tough and reliable parts, the decision was made to introduce a selection of Inspired components which would complement the frames perfectly.  

Following the release of the infamous Danny MacAskill April 2009 YouTube video, demand for 24" bikes quickly increased.  As the premium brand in the 24" street sector it was a natural step to introduce a complete bike to the product range.  Using the proven Fourplay frame as the base, along with a choice selection of components (including some very special custom made items from companies such as Hope and Trialtech) the Team and Pro bikes emerged.  

Inspired has grown rapidly from its humble beginnings and now has a comprehensive network of dealers across the world, who stock the complete range of Inspired products and can offer informed and helpful advice. 

Following the success over the past few years, Inspired is now more focused than ever on producing creative and stylish designs and developing innovative products to ensure that we continue to lead the street riding market. They aim to give riders the best equipment available to help encourage the progression and growth of the sport.

Models Available 

These are some of the most popular models. To see all of Street Trial's complete bikes: Click Here.

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